Eliminate Backorder Management Headaches

Back Order Presto for Dynamics RMSUp to now, Dynamics RMS has had some limitations in back order management, such as:
  • Whenever a backorder is changed, the system automatically prints the updated receipt disregarding whether or not there's a need for it - a significant nuisance and waste of paper with lengthy backorders.
  • Dynamics RMS doesn't automatically reorder items based only on backorder information
  • There's no way to see from the POS if a backordered item has been already placed on the PO
  • etc.

With Backorder Presto, it's no longer necessary for the customer to purchase a partially backordered list of items at the POS because Backorder Presto lets you to "backorder all" with the click of a single button. Backorder Presto includes:

Now, backorders management has become far simpler, saving you and your staff time, money and Tylenol.

Back Order Presto!

Back Order Presto! features
  • Put the entire transaction on "back order"
  • Consolidate different back orders for the same customers
  • Search back orders by customer name or item
  • Generate the purchase orders based on the back-orders alone

Back Order Presto Showcase