By Retail Hero on 4/25/2014
Getting your customers to come to your retail store and make a purchase can be a difficult task. In an age filled with technology, it is much more tempting to buy online than to invest time in going to a store. However, it is by no means an impossible task. If you change your store's focus from acquisition to engagement, you're bound to get more customers to come to you. Let's have a look at how you can make this happen.

Get a POS-Integrated Customer Loyalty System If you get a loyalty system that's centered around POS, customers will have no choice but to physically show up in the store. A great idea is to have a system that allows customers to use coupon codes they've received through email right from their mobile device. This will remove the need for them to print it out and physically present you with a piece of paper, making things a lot easier for everyone. As a result, they're not only more likely to want to come to the store, but also to sign up for newsletters from you.

Make Your Retail Store...
By Retail Hero on 4/19/2014
Sending out newsletters from time to time is one of the best ways to market to your key customers. In addition, it builds trust, which can easily be converted into customer loyalty. Let's have a look at why email marketing is so amazing.

You Get to Personalize the Emails People like to feel valued and important. This is especially true of customers. If they feel valued by a store, they're much more likely to make their purchases from that store. If they get emails that begin in an impersonalized fashion (such as "Dear sir/madam"), they already feel devalued. However, if you use a loyalty system, it will plug in the customer's name as they have given it to you. This will make your customers feel as if the email was written especially for them, as opposed to something that was mass-written. Though they probably know the truth, they'll still recognize and appreciate the effort.

Use the Client Data Base to Your Advantage This takes personalized emails even further. The database can be split into categories....
By Retail Hero on 4/15/2014
If convincing people to purchase products from you is difficult, getting those customers to come back for more is even more difficult. One of the approaches retail stores use to improve customer retention is to give out promotions and discounts. This method can be efficient, as it brings back old customers while at the same time attracting new ones. However, this technique can only go so far. Sometimes, it doesn't truly make customers loyal as much as it encourages 'habitual deal seekers' to visit your store. Let's have a look at what you can do to improve customer retention while saving yourself from attracting too many habitual deal seekers.

1) Watch What Happens at the Till A lot of people think that when a customer has made the purchase, their job is done. This is simply a misconception. If you want loyal customers, the end of their experience should be great. Using POS-driven marketing is a brilliant idea if you want to make your customers happy. Firstly, make sure the POS system is an efficient one....
By Retail Hero on 4/10/2014
Customer loyalty programs are a great way turn one-time shoppers into returning customers. Engaging the family members of already loyal customers is an effective way of driving business. Here are some reasons why customer loyalty programs benefit from extended families, and the business they generate.

Word of Mouth Advertising Most business owners know the importance of word of mouth advertising. Happy loyal customers can become unpaid brand ambassadors, singing the praises of your business. This effective marketing strategy costs zero advertising dollars, and can bring new customers to your company. As families are often closely connected, it makes sense that a portion of the people being told about your business would be the family members of already loyal customers.

Raising Your Referral Rates Referral programs are a popular marketing technique that have a strong track record of success. When loyal customers refer new business they are rewarded with points, discounts or other benefits. These programs...
By Retail Hero on 4/5/2014
Coupons are back, and are rising in popularity. More shoppers are saving money by cashing in coupons and visiting stores that offer them. Coupons are being retained and redeemed more often, and hold great potential for store owners. Here are three ways you can use coupons to encourage foot traffic and customer retention.

Offering Coupons for Future Purchases Give customers a reason to return by giving them a coupon at the time of transaction. These coupons should be applicable only for future purchases, and should expire in a relatively short period of time. This is a great way to increase customer retention, as it gives customers an incentive to come back before too long. The shopper has already bought from you once, and is familiar with your products and/or services. A satisfied customer can be a one time customer, but a valuable coupon might help convince them to become a returning customer as well.

Bonus Coupons for Loyal Customers A customer loyalty program is a great place to incorporate coupon...
By Retail Hero on 4/1/2014
One of the best ways to increase your sales is by increasing customer loyalty. Why? Because loyal customers keep coming back over and over again. One of the benefits of this is that you don't have to work as hard at getting new ones (though you should never stop looking for potential customers). However, maintaining loyalty also involves some effort. If done correctly, it can be very efficient. One of the best approaches is personalizing the shopping experience. Let's have a look at how you can do just that.

Take Advantage of the Moment Your Customers Make a Purchase You might be tempted to think, "Well, if they bought something, my job is done." That's not correct. Maintaining or creating customer loyalty can happen at the checkout counter. Make sure your POS system is exemplary. Something that freezes, causing customers to wait, won't do. However, you can go beyond just a POS system that works properly. Ask your customer for their details, and sign them up for email newsletters. Set up the system so that...