By Retail Hero on 5/30/2014
Did you know that more than 60 percent of customers admit that they belong to one of more loyalty programs? Many brands and retail operations now offer customers cards that they can carry with them and scan when checking out in order to earn points that can later be redeemed for merchandise and discounts. Some businesses also implement tiers or reward levels, which gives even better rewards to those customers who spend more. Below we'll take a quick look at a few reasons why you should be offering different reward or incentive tiers to your loyal clientele.

Give the Biggest Rewards to Frequent Shoppers Frequent customers are the lifeblood of the commercial and retail industries. A customer who is excited about a brand will continually shop at the same store and will be quick to share their experience with friends, family and others via social media. Using a tiered system lets you offer the biggest rewards to those who visit most frequently or purchase higher amounts of product. For example, a store might...
By Retail Hero on 5/25/2014
One of the best ways for businesses in the modern world to remain competitive is via a customer loyalty program. While customers see these programs as a path to some benefit, the obvious goal for the business or brand is to encourage repeat business by offering an incentive. The most commonly used loyalty programs let customers take advantage of special rewards available only to members, typically by collecting points that they can later trade in for discounts or free merchandise. Loyalty programs often feature multiple tiers with different benefits and rewards at each level, which makes the system more competitive and encourages greater and greater spending by those who are most loyal to the brand. Let's take a look at a few excellent reasons to offer incentives to your customers to encourage their loyalty – and their repeat business.

Build a Positive Reputation You've likely heard the old adage that states "Any type of advertising is good advertising." Whether you have one shop in a small town or a string of shops spanning multiple cities, it only takes one bad review to watch your profits drop. When a customer is upset over how a retail worker acted or if an individual decides they dislike the high prices in one of your stores, those shoppers will talk to others about their experiences which can cause significant future problems. Implementing a loyalty program will make shoppers excited about collecting points and receiving benefits, which will in turn help to provide a more positive reputation around your business and brand.

By Retail Hero on 5/20/2014
A brand ambassador is an individual who goes above and beyond to spread the word about a specific product or business. Celebrity spokespeople often work for companies and appear in promotional materials advertising businesses and products, but many smaller companies can't afford to pay a celebrity an extravagant amount of money. Anyone with strong people skills and the ability to work with others can serve as an ambassador for your brand. Turning the clients you already work with into ambassadors is as easy as getting those clients excited about your products or services. Let's take a look at how you can turn your customers into cheerleaders for your brand, driving new business and sales.

Give Away Free Gifts Who doesn't love getting something for free? Promotional items are an easy gift to provide to clients that they can pass out to their friends and family, or keep for themselves. For example, items might include shirts, jackets, pens, bags and even small clocks and electronics branded with your company...
By Retail Hero on 5/15/2014
Offering your customers the opportunity to save money is one way of convincing them to purchase from you. However, when it comes to building long-term customer loyalty, you have to do more than that. You have to ensure that your brand is constantly at the top of the customer's mind as one that they trust and one that they want to do business with in the future. Let's have a look at why this is so, and at ways in which you can earn true customer loyalty.

Loyalty Cannot Be Bought As many stores and companies do, you can try to attract customers to buy your product by offering reduced prices. However, that isn't loyalty. If you want your customers to hang around, you have to give them something more than discounts. Just as it is with loyalty in relationships, it requires time and trust to be built. This is why if you want loyalty, you have to invest more than money. You have to somehow create memorable moments that are connected with your brand.

The Road to Loyalty Begins Long Before the First Purchase...
By Retail Hero on 5/10/2014
There are a variety of ways to driving huge traffic to your retail store. One popular promotional trend right now is 'secret' sales. Here's how you can market under the radar, and bring more business through your doors.

Customers Can Cash In by Collecting Points Costumer loyalty programs are a great way to keep your customers coming back to your store. Points systems are a popular and easy way for store owners and customers to track rewards. Everyone likes to feel special, and exclusive offers and promotions are a great way to spread that feeling. Make your loyal customers feel special with some secret savings exclusive to members.

Accelerate Business with Point Multipliers There are various point multipliers that you can use as incentives for customers to shop in your store. Give loyal customers access to rewards with point accelerators. Offer shoppers triple points between certain hours of operation, or hold double point events throughout the year. A happy hour is a great way to get people in to...
By Retail Hero on 5/5/2014
Building brand equity is important. Make an impression this year during your business' busy season with a 'pop up store.' Here are three reasons why this trend is an excellent way to get your brand noticed and boost your brand's value.

Impulse and Instinct: Proper Planning and Positive Positioning Many people are spontaneous shoppers and buy on impulse. A pop up store brings your business to new customers and gives them the opportunity to experience your brand. Good design, charismatic staff and a desirable location create the perfect blend when it comes to pop up stores. Increase brand recognition by positioning your business for success.

Opening a pop up location during the busy season will help reduce risk and increase revenue for your pop up store. If you lack the confidence to pull off a pop up on your own, there are agencies that can help. Pop up stores are not for the faint of heart, however, and do come with risk. Trained professionals can scout out locations, store designs and knowledgeable...