By Retail Hero on 7/11/2014
While some shoppers love nothing more than digging through boxes and looking for items on cluttered and crowded shelves, most customers will take one look at those retail stores and head in the opposite direction. A good and clean store gives shoppers a great first impression and make them more likely to come back in the future. Designing a fun and interactive space can also build a strong and loyal customer base that will lead to additional future sales.

Make Shoppers Feel More Comfortable When it comes to shopping in retail stores, shoppers want to feel comfortable walking through the space without feeling clothing and merchandise brushing against their butts or rubbing up against them. Retail designers refer to this problem as the 'brushed butt effect', which tends to occur in tightly-packed areas. While it's important to have an interactive space, it's also important to give customers the area that they need to wander through the aisles, look over the racks and examine the merchandise.

An excellent...
By Retail Hero on 7/4/2014
In this modern era, social media is one of the most dominant forms of communication as virtually everyone is connected through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. With the vast majority of the population carrying an internet-connected mobile device, social networks allow retail businesses a unique opportunity to engage consumers on a more personal level. Let's take a quick look at why engaging your customers – both current and future – via social media networks is critical to the success of your loyalty program.

Going Above and Beyond Loyalty Programs As you already know, retailers face two significant challenges: attracting individuals to enter the shop to make a purchase, and then retaining those customers to ensure they return to the store on a regular basis. A loyalty program is a great first step in ensuring that you build repeat business, as these customers will be encouraged to shop to build points, earn rewards and leverage loyalty discounts. However, once you have these...