Manage Purchase and Transfer Orders with Data Collector

Merchandizing and inventory management is one of the most daunting tasks that the SMB retailers face. With thousands or tens of thousands items, it takes significant amount of effort to keep inventory in shape, Dynamics RMS certainly offers some useful tools such as Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders, and the respective Inventory Wizards, which help to move the inventory in a consistent and documented manner

But you might also have noticed some peculiar omissions. For instance, neither Purchase Orders nor Transfer Orders allow importing their content from an external document. Perhaps, the logic behind this fact is that both POs and TOs should be created by using Wizards which generate the documents based on re-order information, historical sales etc.

However, as every SMB store manager knows, the reality is far from this ideal situation. Sometimes the ordering happens "ad-hoc" - at a trade show, over the phone in urgency, by fax, email etc. - without prior creating of the related document in RMS. So what a manger is to do when the shipment shows up at the door, but there's no purchase or transfer order to receive it? Manually creating a new purchase order with, perhaps, thousands items on it, is tedious and time-consuming.

It might be easier if the manager could just scan the items in the pallet with data collector and import the file into a blank transfer or purchase order. The same is true about the opposite operation - when a bunch of items is being transferred out of the store, say, back to the vendor simply "by sight".

But the problem is that there's no "Import" function in RMS POs and TO's!
Retail Hero's TOP Import for Dynamics RMS

TOP Import for Dynamics RMS is the solution

Retail Hero's TOP Import (Transfer Order-Purchase Order Import) utility resolves this problem and adds the following features:
  • Imports a data collector file into RMS POs and TOs
  • Adds items from the data collector file to the PO or TO if they do not exist in the content
  • Adjusts the item quantities on the order according to the data collector file
  • Standalone application that may be configured to run from the Tools menu in RMS SO Manager
  • Lists the orders with types and statuses
  • Verifies each imported item against the item's supplier
  • If the SKU being imported is not found in RMS, Top Import lets the operator create the item on-fly


An effective solution for order importing

TOP Import Features
  • Imports TO or PO from a data collector
  • Creates new TO or PO
  • Adjusts the item quantities on the order
  • Displays the available orders with types and status
  • Verifies the imported items
  • Create new the item's "placeholders" on-fly
TOP Import Requirements
  • A data collector capable of producing .CSV output
  • A two-column comma-delimited import file: ILC and Quantity
  • After importing must use the RMS Manager to commit the orders